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TechRadar launches new TV reviews channel

Read LCD TV reviews at TechRadar
Read LCD TV reviews at TechRadar

TechRadar, the UK's leading tech news and reviews site, has launched 'TVs@TechRadar', a new channel for buyers of plasma, 3D and LCD TV hardware.

Aggregating all of TechRadar's existing TV-set related content into a single easy to use channel, it also provides improved access to information about TV brands and makes it easier to search TechRadar's TV reviews.

There's also a new 'hottest TVs' component which shows the most read TVs, either across the site or specific to a brand, helping our readers find the best TVs for them.

Editor-in-Chief Nick Merritt said, "this is just the latest in an ongoing programme of upgrades to TechRadar to help our readers find the right hardware to buy, with a lot more on the way."

Visit TVs@TechRadar now and see the changes