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Sony unleashes new 3D enhancing LCD tech

Sony - new tech to make 3D better
Sony - new tech to make 3D better

Sony has announced that it has developed a new type of LCD technology that will enhance the look of 3D and improve high frame rate video.

Called Hybrid FPA (field-induced photo-reactive alignment), the technology has a response time of less than 3ms and the new liquid crystal alignment technique means that the TV panels will last longer and increase product stability.

Sony lcd

The technology behind the new displays is pretty complex. So complex that we have to let you know that the following sentences are prefixed with a 'here comes the science' warning.

According to Sony, "One method for improving liquid crystal response time is to generate pre-tilt of the liquid crystal molecules.

"FPA technique uses the alignment layer developed by Sony and maintains pre-tilt of liquid crystal molecules by irradiating UV while applying voltage in manufacturing process."

Hybrid FPA takes the above and adds better response times and much better contrasts.

There's no news when the technology will come to market, but the idea of better, brighter 3D in the home is more than welcomed by us.

Marc Chacksfield

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