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Sky Go already has 1.6 million viewers

Sky Go already has 1.6 million viewers
Sky Go already has 1.6 million viewers

Sky Go has become an immediate hit in the UK, with the company announcing in its latest financial reports that the on-demand service has amassed 1.6 million viewers.

Sky Go has unified Sky's live and on demand services across devices as diverse as Xbox and iPhone, bringing live and on demand channels for its subscribers.

One fear, expressed by analysts, is that the quality of the service could lead to abuse, as subscribers share their Sky Go sign-ins so that others need not subscribe, but chief executive Jeremy Darroch insisted that it was something that the company was monitoring closely.

"I dropped my son off at university the other day and noticed that one or two people had (their parents') Sky Go subscriptions," Darroch said.

"It's something which we will keep a close eye on. If we felt that was something which was getting in the way of TV, we'd come back to that."


Along with an operating profit rise of 16 per cent to £295 million, Sky also revealed that the average annual revenue per user for each Sky customer is a whopping £535.

The customer base is also now over the 10 million mark, moving up to 10.37m with growth of 392,000.

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