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Shazam CEO: mobile devices top trump Smart TV

Shazam CEO: mobile devices top trump smart TV
Shazam - companion devices are best, but it would say that wouldn't it?

Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher believes that companion devices should be the real focus of broadcasters rather than interactive services through the television itself.

Fisher, speaking at IPTV World Service, believes that our mobile device - be it a tablet or phone - allows a more personal interaction with television shows that will be a boon not only to content makers but also to consumers and advertisers.

"By the end of this year there will be 6 billion mobile phones in the world, that dwarfs the number of Smart TVs," said Fisher, whose Shazam app can recognise music and television and provide information and extra content.

Companion devices ftw

"Many [mobile] devices are sat on the coffee table or sofa and they are not disruptive to the viewing experience.

"You don't have to press a red button, you can have interactive services while viewing and it's a personalised experience, because each of us has our own device.

"That means if it's a talent show then each person can have a vote, for instance."

Although Shazam is perhaps best known for its music recognition, it is also now being used by broadcasters and advertisers to identify programmes and corporate messages.

This allows for extra information, services and functionality to be provided to consumers.

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