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Samsung's 65-inch LED C8000 3D TV unveiled

Samsung C8000 - 3D television
Samsung C8000 - 3D television

Samsung has announced what it claims is the world's largest Full HD 3D LED TV, with the latest LED C8000 boasting an 'ultra-slim' 65-inch screen.

The C8000, which comes with Samsung's proprietary 3D processor, also boasts Precision Dimming technology and a motion clarity of 800 CMR.

"Delivering an immersive 3D experience in the home, the LED C8000 is also Wi-Fi ready and Samsung Apps allows consumers to discover and enjoy a full range of applications on the largest screen in the home," explains Samsung's release.

Five star?

A 46-inch version of the C8000 television has already been announced, but Samsung is clearly pleased to have upped the screen size to a, frankly, impressive 65 inches.

If it's as good as its older but smaller brother - which picked up an impressive five star TechRadar review - then it could be a truly wonderful screen.

The Samsung UN65C8000 has been priced at just under €6,000, that's likely to equate to £5,000, and it has been given a UK release date of October.

We're going to need a bigger living room.

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