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LG and Sky offering £300 3D TV cashback

If you are a Sky subscriber and possibly in the market for a new 3D TV this Christmas then you could do worse than checking out LG's latest 3D models.

The TV manufacturer and broadcaster clearly hope that offering discounted 3D TVs will appeal to those early adopters that are still currently sitting on the fence regarding their next TV purchase.

The three 3D LG TV models eligible for the cut price deal are the 47LX9900, 55LX9900 and the 47LD950.

Current UK prices come in at £1,794.99, £2,278 and £1,469.99 respectively for the three 3D TVs. Which means you can now pick up the (pretty decent) bottom-of-range model, the 47LD950, for £1,169.99.

If you are keen to part with your hard-earned on 3D this month, then you can grab the LG deal via selected retailers including Amazon. Comet, Richer Sounds, Tesco and John Lewis.

Simply buy the TV and then send the receipt and a claim form (downloadable from the Sky Rewards website) and a cut out of the TV's barcode.

The Sky/LG 3D deal will run through to the 21 January 2011.

Via HDTV Test