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Alice in Wonderland 3D Blu-ray out next week

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp in 3D is no longer exclusively connected to Sony's 3D HDTV hardware products, with a 3D Blu-ray release scheduled for 7 December.

That's right. Next week!

Alice 3d blu-ray

Alice 3d blu-ray

Burton's re-imagining of Lewis Carroll's classic had previously been released on good old-fashioned 2D Blu-ray back in June this year, with the 3D disc only previously being made available exclusively with Sony 3D hardware.

Disney has confirmed that the 3D Blu-ray version of Alice in Wonderland will be packaged in a four-disc combo pack along with the standard 2D Blu-ray version, DVD version, and a digital copy. Just to cover off all bases…

Though the Blu-ray 3D disc of Alice in Wonderland will include no bonus features, all the previously available features on the 2D disc will carry forward.

You can Pre-order Alice in Wonderland on Blu-ray 3D for a discounted price at

Special features include:

  • Finding Alice
  • The Mad Hatter
  • Effecting Wonderland
  • The Futterwacken Dance
  • The Red Queen
  • Time-Lapse: Sculpting the Red Queen
  • The White Queen
  • Scoring Wonderland
  • Stunts of Wonderland
  • Making the Proper Size
  • Cakes of Wonderland
  • Tea Party Props