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Ofcom clears way for Freeview HD

Ofcom - changes to licence
Ofcom - changes to licence

Ofcom has changed the terms of the Multiplex B licence, allowing the upgrade and reorganisation of the airwaves for the digital terrestrial broadcast of HD television.

Although it was more or less a formality that Ofcom would agree to change the terms of BBC Free to View Limited's licence on Multiplex B, it is another reminder that HD Freeview television is stepping closer to reality.

"Ofcom today published a licence variation to Multiplex B, held by BBC Free to View Limited," said Ofcom's PDF release.

"This change will allow for the upgrade and reorganisation of Multiplex B for new services to be broadcast in High Definition on Digital terrestrial Television."

ITV HD and C4 HD

Details on what and when will be shown by other Public Service Broadcasters were also contained within Ofcom's documents, with confirmation that ITV HD-1 will run from 6.30pm to 11pm and will consist of a simulcast in HD of the ITV1 Granada service, with changes for news coverage.

"The service will include at 35% of native HD content at the start of 2010, rising to at least 60% at the start of 2012 and at least 70% at the start of 2014," added Ofcom's document.

Channel 4's HD channel will be a simulcast of Channel 4 – and will run for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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