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LG wins buzzword bingo with the world's biggest Ultra HD curved OLED TV

LG wins buzzword bingo with the world's biggest Ultra HD curved OLED TV
LG's new model(s)

No sooner had we finished pontificating on why curved OLEDs are a waste of time based on LG's 55-inch one, the company goes and busts out an even bigger curvacious TV.

Claiming that it is the world's largest Ultra HD OLED TV, LG says that its 77-inch curved set is "proof that we will never stop pushing the boundaries and exploring new possibilities" of expensive pointlessness.

Price tag

Never one to miss out on a buzzword, the LG TV comes with 4K Ultra HD smarts, rocks an OLED panel, is curved and comes with two glamorous models - wait, no, no it doesn't. They are just for scale.

On display at IFA 2013, LG thinks the TV is "a true home entertainment wonder that has to be seen to be believed".

We'll head over to LG's stand to see if we can believe it later today.

No word on release date or pricing yet, but "way off in the future" and "way more than any normal person can afford" sounds about right.

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