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LG Philips shows off 47-inch LED TV

LG TVs like these are produced in a joint factory the company owns with Philips

LG Philips demonstrated its first LED back-lit LCD TV at an international technology conference in South Korea last week.

The unnamed 47-inch TV boasts 1080p image resolution, can display 1.07 billion colours and has a claimed contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 - a number we'd very much like to see proven. It also has an eight milisecond response rate and 500cd/m2 brightness.

The 47-incher - which was on display as a bare panel - was accompanied by other LED backlit models ranging from seven to 26-inches in size, according to

LEDs are said to provide a whiter light for LED backlighting than current fluorescent-lit technology. This promises more natural colour tones and brighter images in future LCD TV panels.

Rival TV maker Samsung released its first LED backlit panels last year.