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Evesham chops down its prices

Evesham's Alqemi32TX comes with a detachable speaker so users can upgrade the sound quality if they wish

Evesham is whetting everyone's HD appetite with a slew of price cuts across its Alqemi LCD TV range, as well as on two new models the company has just released.

The Alqemi32TX and Alqemi37TX are two 'high end' LCD TVs supporting the 720p and 1080i resolutions as HD Ready TVs. Both new sets have built-in digital and analogue tuners, picture-in-picture support, Top Up TV card slots, twin Scart, S-Video, VGA and DVI Inputs. The sets also support one HDMI port - not the new 1.3 version, but the older 1.1 standard.

The 32-inch Alqemi32TX is out now, retailing for £500; while the 37-inch Alqemi37TX is £750.

Following on from Evesham's instant price drop on its new models, others in the Alqemi range have also become more wallet friendly:

  • Alqemi 37sx is now £800, £50 off.
  • Alqemi 42s is now £900, £50 off.
  • Alqemi 42sx is now £1,000, £400 off.

The specifications of Evesham's HD TVs are easily beaten by other manufacturers' models; none of these support 1080p - the highest HD resolution. But the quality of Evesham's panels, combined with the lower prices, makes these HD TVs good value for money. It puts the PC builder firmly alongside the likes of Dell and Packard Bell.