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Hitachi's new HDTVs have 250GB hard drives

Hitachi's new HD TV range incorporates LCD and Plasma models; all have internal HDD storage

Hitachi is launching a new batch of flatscreen high-definition TVs with full 1080p resolutions and built in hard drive recorders.

Two of the new X Series TVs are plasmas: the 50-inch 50XR01 and 60-inch 60XR01; while a smaller 37-inch LCD model is coming out for people after something not so big.

Freeview Playback?

All of these new X Series TVs incorporate a 250GB HDD for recording, and sport twin digital tuners so you can watch one digital channel while recording another. The hard disk gives you Sky+ control over what you watch, letting you pause and rewind live TV.

No word from Hitachi yet as to whether these new plasma and LCD HD TVs incorporate the new Freeview Playback standard for their integrated PVR functionality.

The LCD X Series harnesses Hitachi's IPS Alpha panel technology, and 100Hz processing to eliminating jerks and keep the onscreen action moving smoothly.

The P50XRO1 and P60XRO1 also have the ability to accept the 1080p 24 format available from some Blu-ray and HD DVD players. For the full story, hop over to our sister magazine site Home Cinema Choice.

James Rivington

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