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CES 2007: Sanyo weatherproof LCD TV

Sanyo's weatherproof TV sits in an aluminium sealed metal cabinet

Sanyo has developed the CE42LM4WPN-NA - 'weatherproof' high-definition ready TV designed for use in varying outdoor conditions.

It has a basic HD-ready specification, capable of a 720p resolution (1,366 x 768 pixels) on its WXGA screen.

It also has one HDMI 1.1 port - the latest version being 1.3. But to keep it versatile, Sanyo also fitted the TV with a PC input (15-pin D-Sub) and composite analogue video connections. It also packs an 8ms response time, a below-average 800:1 contrast ratio and a 178-degree viewing angle.

The Weatherproof CE42LM4WPN-NA LCD sits in an aluminium sealed metal cabinet, to protect it from rust and leaking.

Ideal for summer

Sanyo also claims the TV can hold its own against screen burn - when the sun shines directly onto the panel, obscuring the image. Its tamper glass should also help keep the rain-water out.

The Weatherproof CE42LM4WPN-NA LCD is due to be released early next year in the US, and will go on display at the CES electronics show in Las Vegas, in January. Hopefully it will reach the UK in time for the summer. Richard Preston