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Philips Aurea LCD set to light up IFA

Philips is launching a luxury range of Ambilight LCDs TVs at IFA next week, but the company is saying nothing until the official launch on Thursday 30th August.

The TVs - dubbed Aurea - have LEDs built into their fascias that change colour according to what's being displayed on screen. This is being seen as a more high-end alternative to the fluorescent backlighting used in the company's Ambilight sets.

The TVs have also dispensed with the relatively bulky speakers found in many flat panel TVs. Philips is opting instead for 26 small drive units and two subwoofers incorporated into the Aurea's casing.

1080p Full HD

Spanish website Tuxperto has seen a 42-inch version and says the set offers 1080p Full HD resolution and is expected to sell for around 5,000 euros (£3,400). Tuxperto also has pictures it says it took at an event in Spain.

Philips suggests you express your interest by checking out teaser site

We'll be sure to bring you full details from the IFA press conference next week.