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Fujitsu's 231-inch display tops them all

At almost 20 feet across, the new screen from Fujitsu is beyond most living rooms

There are big TVs, ridiculously big TVs and then those sets that just make you wonder about the people who own them. But outgunning all of those categories of ways to waste money is a new 231-inch display from Fujitsu .

The Super Frontech Vision LD is not, strictly speaking, a TV set. But it may as well be, given that it has all the inputs, including DVI, 16 million colours and a brightness of 5,000 candelas per square meter. Admittedly, the resolution is only 512 x 288 LED pixels, which is probably why you need to stand at least 5m away to view it.

Attention seeking

Still, that 231-inch diagonal measurement is bound to get the screen noticed, which is why Fujitsu has just started selling it to advertising companies, train networks and funfair operators.

The price? Well, the if-you-have-to-ask rule definitely applies, but we can tell you that you won't get any change out of ¥63 million (£262,000). Fortunately, there's a 116-inch model available for around a quarter of that price.