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Five HD launches on Sky and Virgin Media

Five HD launches
Five HD launches

Five will launch today in HD, with both Virgin Media and Sky showing the latest high-definition channel.

Five HD will be a simulcast of Five's terrestrial offering, bringing a host of top shows (and a lot of not-so top ones) to the home in high definition.

Cable and Sky customers will be able to view the channel, but not Freeview HD viewers - with Five famously told that it would not be able to keep its slot on the platform.


Programs to be shown in HD include The Mentalist, Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order, and sport including cricket and Europa League football.

Charles Constable, Five's Director of Strategy, said: "We broadcast so many high quality series shot in HD, such as Don't Stop Believing and our line-up of great US dramas, so our schedule is really suited to fantastic picture quality.

"Five HD is a great addition to our channel portfolio."

The channel will launch on 171 on Sky (currently showing a placeholder) and 150 on Virgin Media.

Virgin also announced that it will be bringing two time-shifted channels for Five channels, Fiver +1 and Five USA +1 will be on channels 152 and 154 respectively.

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