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DivX TV launches on LG connected devices

LG gets some DivX loving
LG gets some DivX loving

DivX has announced that its web TV portal, DivX TV, is now live.

Originally announced way back at CES 2010 in January, the service is US-only at the moment, but will be launching in the UK and Europe sometime in 2011.

There are around 10,000 videos to peruse on DivX TV, all of which can be accessed through LG devices.

The LG kit in question is: BD550, BD570 and BD590 Blu-ray players and LHB335, LHB535 and LHB975 home theatre systems.

Web on TV

There's been an influx of content for connected devices of late, with Sony announcing just this week that it has bagged Sky News for its Bravia Internet Video portal.

DivX TV's line-up includes web favourites Funny or Die and Bablemusic.

There's also channels for business news, movie trailers and automotive stuff.

Matt Milne, executive vice president and general manager, DivX said: "DivX TV is a compelling solution for manufacturers like LG seeking to differentiate their product lines with a best-in-class Internet video experience.

"Consumers have responded very positively to the launch of DivX TV and the entertainment control and selection the service provides them.

"We look forward to working with our partners and bringing more quality web programming to the living room."

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