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Apple patent hints at iTV plans

Apple patent hints at iTV plans
iTV, youTV, we all TV for iTV

A patent filed by Apple back in 2008 seems to confirm that the company is working on some kind of television, perhaps even the long-rumoured Apple iTV.

It's a very technical document detailing Apple's work on high refresh rate LCDs, a technique called "fringe field switching" which shares an abbreviation with an altogether more aggressive exclamation (FFS).

The patent outlines how Apple's work would allow FFS to be used on a larger screened HDTV, and employs techniques already found in the iMac.

Fringe field

So, wait – much ado about nothing: this patent must just relate to the iMac? Well, not necessarily, as the document specifically mentions televisions as well:

"Embodiments of the present invention can be implemented as flat screen television set 700 with display 701," it reads, before going on to list other uses – phones, music players, laptops, desktops and "other types of devices" (this is before the advent of the iPad, of course).

So does this mean Apple will definitely launch a television at some point in the future? Of course not – but it's definitely one to add to the ever-growing pile of increasingly concrete speculation that it will.


And if that's not enough rumour and speculation for you, check out our video roundup of Apple's mythical TV set below:

From Patently Apple via 9 to 5 Mac

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