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TechRadar Drives: 2020 Nissan Patrol

(Image credit: Nissan)
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Nissan recently launched the new 2020 Patrol, and we hopped into the driver's seat for a quick test drive, and to check out all the tech on board. This new model also has a ton of intelligent safety features, which we were also keen to test out.

For those looking for a full-sized SUV that can truly handle offroading, the 2020 Nissan Patrol should be right up on your list of choices.

Price-wise, the Patrol is available from AED 199,900 and as tested costs AED 240,200. The V8 models start at AED 234,000 all the way up to AED 330,000. 

Sam McClusky
Sam McClusky

Sam McClusky is the Sales Director at Tbreak Media. He is Australian educated, with 14 years experience working within the UAE in the following industries: Advertising, Information Technology, Logistics, Relocations Services and Direct Marketing.