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Lenovo to release LePad tablet in 2010

Lenovo U1 - a precursor to LePad?
Lenovo U1 - a precursor to LePad?

A tablet computer by Lenovo called LePad should be with us by the end of the year, with the Chinese company taking on Apple with an Android-toting device.

Tablets are likely to be appearing in droves over the next six to nine months, following the success of Apple's iPad, and Lenovo has already impressed with a hybrid tablet/notebook shown off at CES 2010.

The Lenovo U1 featured both an independent touchpad screen and a keyboard, and utilised a Snapdragon processor.

LePad stated that the arrival of LePad was confirmed by Liu Jun, senior VP at Lenovo and also confirmed by the company.

The tablet will run Android, possibly the Gingerbread version of the mobile OS that has been built with larger touchscreen devices in mind.

Lenovo has become an increasingly important player in the mobile PC market since buying IBM's PC division and utilising the ThinkPad brand.

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