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Surfshark just got even cheaper in this Black Friday VPN deal

Surfshark VPN deal
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Black Friday isn't just about bargains on giant TVs or picking up a pricey bottle of whiskey for less. VPN services have joined in on the shopping hysteria for the last few years and one of our favorite providers to recommend just entered the fray in the Black Friday VPN deals war.

Surfshark was already impeccably priced, offering affordability without scrimping on quality. With the introduction of its Black Friday VPN deal, however, it just became even better value for money.

Sign up to its 2-year plan and its usually ridiculously cheap rate drops from $2.49 a month to just $2.21. To manage such an affordable monthly rate, Surfshark is throwing in three extra months, essentially bagging you a whole 27 months of VPN use at a reduced cost.

Offering above average speeds, excellent streaming prowess, and an interface that proves delightful across devices, check out all the details below on this Surfshark saving. And if you really just want the cheapest possible VPN deal right now, we've got you covered there, too.

Surfshark: 2-year plan + 3 months FREE |

Surfshark: 2-year plan + 3 months FREE | $11.95 $2.21 a month | Save 83%
Topping our best cheap VPN guide, get a feature-packed, seamless provider that also performs well in providing security, solid speeds, and the ability to unblock many of our favorite streaming services. Now even cheaper with this Black Friday VPN deal, get 3 months free on its great value 2-year plan, now $2.21 a month.

Like pretty much every other VPN company, Surfshark will require you to pay the amount for the whole two years upfront. That means although it is advertised as $2.21 a month, you'll pay $59.76 upfront.

Don't worry, though. You'll still be covered by Surfshark's 30-day money back guarantee, allowing you to benefit from one of the top VPN deals out there risk-free.

Just want the cheapest VPN deal?

PureVPN: 5-year plan |

PureVPN: 5-year plan | $10.95 $1.19 | Save 88% | Use code: TECH10
If you're after the cheapest VPN deal currently available and are happy to miss out on some of Surfshark's key attributes like its ability to unblock Prime Video and its clean, intuitive interface, this is the cheapest VPN deal available right now. Loaded with 6,000 servers and the ability to use on 10 devices, it can't be bad for $1.19 a month - just make sure you use the 10% off code TECH10 to get it.

VPN deals: what you can do with a VPN

There are loooooads of VPN uses. Virtual Private Networks allow bypass geo-restricted content. So if you wanted to watch a Netflix show that is geo-restricted to a location, a VPN changes your IP address so your device gets tricked into thinking it's in a different location. Make sure to check out our Netflix VPN guide if your primary reason for a VPN is streaming, while they're also brilliant for letting you watch sports and shows that are only available overseas.

Some people will be more concerned about the fact VPNs help you browse the internet securely. A VPN uses encryption technology that basically means your browsing and activity will be anonymous. So if you're worried about your cyber security, a VPN is definitely the way to go.

Beyond that, they help get around blocked websites and apps in countries that ban them, assist in secure online banking and shopping (especially on public Wi-Fi), and have even been known to get around broadband bandwidth throttling and bag cheaper flights on comparison sites, too.

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