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Sony Pocket Bit jumps to 2GB, speeds Vista

The new, larger Pocket Bit Minis now come with gold trim and up to 2GB

As we all know, Windows Vista has been around for a full six months now. This means that - like every version of Windows before it - it's probably labouring under the strain and slowing down on a daily basis.

If that's the case for you, then it's fortunate that the OS is able to lean on the ReadyBoost disk-caching technology for a performance boost. This is where products like Sony's new Pocket Bit Mini flash memory devices come in.

Little boxes

The latest Japanese versions (they'll be available elsewhere shortly) cost ¥4,000 (£17) for 1GB or ¥6,200 (£26) for 2GB. They're of the slim USB variety that uses just a pared-down connector to keep the device's thickness down to just 2.7mm and the weight to 1.5g.

Should you not need the ReadyBoost aspect of the new luxurious gold-trimmed Pocket Bit Minis, never fear - they'll work as simple USB storage devices with any OS. Best of all, the entire body swivels on a hinge to create a cover for the otherwise-exposed connectors.