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Windows Vista snubbed by Olympics organisers

Lenovo kit will be used throughout the 2008 event

Through an official sponsorship deal with the Olympics , Lenovo has so far supplied 800 laptops, 700 servers, 12,000 desktop PCs and 2,000 printers to the IOC (International Olympic Committe). However, none run Windows Vista; XP is the OS of choice for Beijing 2008.

Vista will only be used for an extra consignment of 5,000 basic machines which will sit in internet lounges for athletes and other dignitaries to use. According to IDG , wireless networking will also not be used extensively.

Yang Yuanqing, chairman of Lenovo , said during a briefing in Beijing that the Olympics needed stable technologies. "If it's not stable, it could have some problems," he said. He has a point, though. The Olympics aren't an event at which you want your kit to break down in front of a global audience.

Leon Xie, director of Olympic technology and sponsorship at Lenovo added that wireless networking also isn't reliable enough. "At the Olympics, we need the most reliable and stable system," he said. Xie added that next year's games will require four times the hardware as the 2006 winter games in Torino.


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