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Microsoft goes crazy with SkyDrive

WindowsLive SkyDrive was formerly known as WindowsLive folders

Just how does Microsoft think up names? The corporation has rebranded its WindowsLive online storage feature, calling it SkyDrive . Previously in Beta as WindowsLive folders, the offering is actually pretty good - 500MB of space for storing and sharing files.

Think of it as a personal hard drive on the internet," explains Brandon LeBlanc posting on the Windows Vista Team Blog. "By default, you get several protected directories which you can store your files in. These directories are completely protected from the public."

You can also create folders to share with everyone or even specific individuals on your WindowsLive contacts list. Uploading is fairly easy - just drag and drop your files right onto your SkyDrive. Mind you, BT already offers 1GB of free online storage with its Digital Vault . And that rises to 5GB for BT Broadband customers or 20GB if you're willing to cough up £4.99 a month.


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