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Fears grow over Snow Leopard data bug

Snow Leopard - A fine OS, but has it got a major bug?
Snow Leopard - A fine OS, but has it got a major bug?

Concerns are beginning to grow about reports of a bug in the Snow Leopard Operating System for Macs that could see users lose all their data.

iTWire and Neowin have run reports documenting the problem which has surfaced in the Apple Support Forums and is seemingly causing some major headaches.

Apparently, when users log into their machines as a guest, they can find their data has irretrievably gone when they log back into their proper accounts.

No response

This is obviously a major problem, although Apple has yet to respond either to its customers or through its usual mechanisms.

The suggestion at the moment is that users disable the guest account, just to be on the safe side.

TechRadar will, of course, keep an eye on the situation and bring any further information that we can gather.

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