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Boost your Vista performance with new updates

Improvements have been made to the stability of the OS

Microsoft has released a pair of new Windows Vista updates designed to boost performance and fix hardware issues.

The updates were released to a group of testers last week and were soon available online unofficially. Microsoft is typically vague to the public on the nitty gritty of the upgrades. The pages concerned say that one update "improves the performance and reliability of Windows Vista" while the other "improves the compatibility and reliability of Windows Vista". Brilliant.

However we do know that one is intended to fix niggly hardware issues, specifically in the area of video drivers. Nvidia GeForce 8 series drivers should work better. And the other update fixes issues such as the inability to install a network printer should you make the decision to turn off the annoying User Account Control (UAC).

There is also a faster resume time from a hibernated state while the time-remaining calculation for lengthy downloads has also become more accurate. The updates are basically a hotch-potch of fixes to different problems including Windows Calendar stability and Internet Connection sharing response errors.


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