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Nvidia releases WHQL-certified DX10 drivers

DirectX 10 SLI still isn't supported with the latest driver release for Vista

Nvidia has announced final drivers for its DirectX 10 compatible graphics cards. However, the company still hasn't solved the much-criticised problem of getting dual card setups (SLI) to work with DirectX 10.

DirectX 10 is the graphics platform within Windows Vista . Nvidia's GeForce 8800-series graphics cards are compatible with the new platform, but until now the drivers to properly power the cards within Vista have been in Beta. The fact that the ForceWare 100.65 drivers are WHQL-certified means they have passed through the Windows Hardware Quality Labs and so are certified for Vista by Microsoft.

Even though DirectX 10 SLI still isn't supported with the latest release, DirectX 9 and OpenGL applications will still work with GeForce 8800 cards. Also supported are GeForce 6xxx and 7xxx series cards.

As yet, ATI hasn't countered the GeForce 8800 series with a DirectX 10-compatible card, but its road mapped R600 series is due soon.

Gamers have recently criticised Nvidia for launching Vista campaigns - such as the 'Essential Vista' logo you see here - before their cards were fully compatible with the new OS.


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