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Next Android KitKat update could fix Nexus 5 camera's blue tint problem

Nexus 5 Camera
Google may finally fix the Nexus 5's 'cool' photo problem

Android 4.4 KitKat was one of Google's more perplexing OS updates, and already it's gone though three revisions since release. Soon, the sponsored software may be in for yet another upgrade.

LlabTooFer tweeted that a new version of Android 4.4.3 is currently being testing. The Android ROM developer noted the build, numbered KTU72B, could fix another camera bug plaguing the Nexus 5.

As Nexus 5 users might already know, Google's handset adds a bluish tint to almost any photo taken with the phone's camera. It's an issue that colors virtually any white light or object in a bluish hue.

This is just the latest camera issues plaguing Google's flagship. Previously, the search giant released a software update to improve the camera's autofocus speed and slow shutter.

Slowing updates

Aside from the camera fix, LlabTooFer didn't provide details on what else Android 4.4.3 would bring to the table.

It's unlikely Google would release a new software update with only a solo camera fix, but recently Google has slowed its update releases somewhat. Android 4.4.3 may focus act as a stop-gap for one nagging issue until Android 4.4.4 or even Android 5 provides bigger and better improvements.

Kevin Lee

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