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Hungry coders wage table wars for best restaurant seats

Watch out for those pesky little bots!

Noticed a lack of available seats in San Francisco restaurants lately? Sneaky, ravenous coders may be to blame.

Creating custom programs known as "bots," coders covertly unleash these to spy and snag open reservations in high-end restaurants from underneath our sluggish human hands.

Coder Diogo Monica unwittingly discovered this phenomena. He had his own program but it only emailed notifications about open tables, but eventually realized seats were being snatched up at lightning speeds:

"... as soon as reservations became available on the website at 4:00 am (PST), all the good times were immediately taken and were gone by 4:01 am (PST). It quickly became obvious that these were reservation bots at work."

Monica decided enough was enough and created his own reservation bot to seek revenge: "Expect future posts on how I will adapt my strategies as the arms race continues to heat up."

Since he made the code available on his blog, we're sure things are going to get dicey when dinnertime rolls around.

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