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Dedicated YouTube channel coming to most Roku boxes

YouTube on Roku
YouTube is streamrolling its way onto all current-gen* Rokus

Using backdoor workarounds to get to YouTube on aging Roku devices has gone the way of the dodo thanks to an update from the set-top box giant today.

An official YouTube app will finally release on all "current gen" devices - i.e. any Roku product that launched post-July 2011 - instead of limiting the channel to Roku 3 and Roku Stick-using streamers.

The only problem is that the update only affects users who live in either the US or UK. Unfortunately those not in the aforementioned geographical locations will just have to wait to an undisclosed time in the future get their Keyboard Cat fix.

This isn't a big threat to streaming rival Amazon who had a dedicated channel on their latest set-top device, the Fire TV, since its launch earlier this month.

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Via TechCrunch

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