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WhatsApp voice calling just around the corner?

WhatsApp voice calling just around the corner?
Was the clue in the logo the entire time?

WhatsApp's voice call feature might be even closer than you think, with some new hints suggesting that we'll be able to make in-app calls very soon.

WPCentral was tipped off by volunteers who translate Hindi languages, confirming that they'd received new translation requests that hint at the new feature.

Three new strings - Hang up, Incoming call and Outgoing call – are, we'd say, pretty obvious clues that WhatsApp is finalising voice calling.

Talking heads

At MWC WhatsApp announced that a voice calling feature would be added to the app before the second quarter of 2014 was out.

It'll put the service up against Skype, which already offers voice calling. However for WhatsApp it'll only be coming to iOS and Android users to begin with.

Hugh Langley

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