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Netflix for Android gets 'Post-Play' just in time to binge on OITNB Season 2

Netflix for Android gets post-play just in time to binge watch OITNB Season 2
Ready to binge on Chapman?

Netflix has rolled out its post-play experience for Android smartphones and tablets.

The feature, which gives users the opportunity to select the next episode it, or to auto-play if they choose to press nothing, has been available on many other platforms, like iOS, PS3 and the web for some time.

For TV shows it queues up the next episode but for movies (tablets only) it offers three recommendations for what you might want to watch next, the company revealed on its blog.

Users will require Android 4.0 or higher and the update is available from the Google Play Store as of right now.

OITNB is back

The bump comes as may users will be settling in to binge watch the new season of Netflix Original series Orange is the New Black, which arrived on Friday.

If you're an Android phone or tablet owner, you only need one click to breeze through the entire thing, notwithstanding the odd pause for a toilet break here and there.

Via AndroidPolice