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Xbox One Skype app now has push notifications, Captain America emoticons

Skype Xbox One Captain America
Skype for Xbox One gets the update call

Microsoft has unleashed an update to Skype for Xbox One that adds contact filtering, longer chat histories and a set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier emoticons.

This is the first update to the Xbox One's Skype app, and the contact filtering in particular is a much-needed improvement.

It allows users to sort their contacts by availability, rather then requiring them to scroll through their entire friend lists to see who's online.

The update also improves the experience with superior conversation syncing between devices, less missed messages, and a conversation history that stores up to 1,000 messages instead of just messages from the last seven days.

First time for everything

The new Xbox One Skype update also adds a tutorial for first-time Skype users, and Microsoft says it's eliminated several bugs.

Skype for Xbox One marks the first time the Microsoft-owned service has been available on Xbox game consoles.

However, it's not available to everyone, as it requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Microsoft recommends users visit the Skype Community with any questions.