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Microsoft OneNote tipped to go free, travel behind enemy lines

Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneNote might make it to Mac after a decade on the market

Microsoft OneNote could soon come to Mac OS X for the first time, and it might be free.

The note-taking app debuted on Windows a decade ago, and so far it's never been released on Mac, though Microsoft has released iOS, Android and browser versions.

But unnamed sources told The Verge that big changes, including an OS X release and a shift to free, are coming to OneNote.

OneNote will also be separate from Microsoft Office, they say.

Never forget

Those aren't the only changes, though. Microsoft will also reportedly add other features to make OneNote more attractive to Evernote users.

These include a web clipper that will let users save parts of websites and browser extensions for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. These features are present in Evernote.

OneNote users will reportedly also be able to email notes to the service to have them inserted into notebooks remotely.

OneNote on Mac could release this month, preceding the new Office for Mac, which is confirmed to be coming out in 2014.