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Marvel Unlimited for iOS update brings 'adaptive audio' soundtracks to comics

Marvel Unlimited for iOS update brings' adaptive audio' soundtracks to comics
The next generation of comic books is here

Marvel has bestowed some new superpowers on its Marvel Unlimited app for iOS, integrating the adaptive audio technology it has been working on in its secret evil lairs for over a year.

Starting with five issues of Captain America: The Winter Solder, the company is adding cover-to-cover soundtracks with the hope of upping the drama and improving the reading experience for fans.

The adaptive part comes through gauging how fast readers progress through the panels. If users spend a long time on a particular panel, the music will loop. Skip forward and it will seamlessly segue to the next part of the score.

Other changes to the new app, which is available now, sees Marvel shift from HTML 5 to native iOS code for faster transitions. The Android version of the app is close too.

More blips!

There's no adaptive audio with these blips, but they're still essential reading.