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Instagram landscape mode for photos, video lands on iOS

Instagram update with landscape mode
Now you can hold your phone and Instagram sidways - like a true gansta

Instagram can take photos and video and add filters that make them look dated, but nothing was more dated than the fact it didn't support landscape mode.

That changes today thanks to the online photo and video sharing app's so far iOS-only update featuring landscape orientation.

Sure, Instagram could always capture square-shaped photos and included a rotation function in post, but now flipping an Apple device sideways will cause the photo and menu to follow be oriented properly.

Instagram update 4.0.2 is now available in Apple's App Store, addressing the long-held complaint of iPhone owners.

Cinema mode for front-facing cameras

Today's Instagram update also adds cinema mode to video shot using a front-facing camera.

This too is limited to Apple devices, as video for Instagram's cinema stabilization functionality is currently exclusive to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Android users will have to wait, whether it's turning photos and videos sideways from the start or switching cinema mode-enabled video from the back camera to the front camera.

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