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Google Maps for Android is becoming a neat 'what's on' app too

The new Google Maps for Android is becoming a neat 'what's on' app too
Show us those jazz hands...

Google has rolled out a new version of Google Maps for Android, which won't just tell you how to get to your venue, but also what's happening when you get there.

Launched this week, the free update now features upcoming event listings for featured venues.

In theory, for those seeking something to do this weekend, the app becomes a 'what's on' guide, for local venues.

As the company points out on the Maps Google+ page, users can also search for specific genres of entertainment and see what's happening in their locale at any given time.

Jazz... nice!

"Like jazz? Find jazz. See a list of upcoming events and performances where listings are available," the company wrote.

As one commenter pointed out, the feature could be improved by allowing users to see events that are happening in the area rather than searching the individual venues. From there, the firm could potentially access one-touch directions to the venue.

Perhaps that's something Google is planning to integrate into a new version of Google Maps, but for now Android users have a neat new feature at their disposal.