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Good luck pretending to be Ryan Gosling after Tinder adds verified accounts

Good luck pretending to be Ryan Gosling when Tinder adds verified accounts
Forever a-Lohan? Celebs aren't having much joy on Tinder right now

Celebrities looking for love on hit dating app Tinder will soon have a much easier time finding matches as the company announced plans to introduce Twitter-style verified accounts.

According to CEO Sean Rad, some of the app's more notable patrons fail to receive positive swipes because users just assume these rich, beautiful celebrities are pretending to be rich, beautiful celebrities.

The new initiative will also allow famous users, such as Lindsey Lohan and Ashton Kutcher, to bypass Facebook logins and use their real names, giving them "a different way to enter Tinder," Rad said.

Quick pop quiz: Would knowing it was the real Lindsay Lohan make you more or less likely to 'like' her profile? Because really, who needs that hassle?

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Via Hollywood Reporter