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Facebook tests auto-play videos as commercial interruptions loom

Facebook tests auto-playing videos, as rumoured commercial interruption
Videos... whether you want 'em or not

Facebook is testing auto-playing video clips within the News Feeds of a small sample of its iOS and Android app users.

Initially, the company said, only videos posted by individuals, musicians and bands would automatically play whether users wish to view them or not.

The relevant videos will play silently, unless users tap the clip in order to expand to full screen and, in-turn, activate the audio.

The announcement on Facebook's Newsroom blog comes amid speculation the company is plotting to integrate TV-style, 15-second video commercials into the News Feeds of users.

Filling the feeds

In the post, the company said it was exploring how to expand the feature to marketers, which is probably code for: "Sorry guys we're going to be filling up your feeds with loads of ads really soon."

Facebook Product Manager Kelly Mayes wrote: "We're doing this to make sure we create the best possible experience. Over time, we'll continue to explore how to bring this to marketers in the future."