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Apple removes privacy utility app Clueful

Apple removes privacy utility app Clueful
Suspicious app gets suspiciously removed

Clueful, an application designed to identify how iOS apps use private data and treat privacy has been removed by Apple.

However, iPhone owners who already use Clueful privacy may continue to do so, according to a press release.

BitDefender, the company behind the app, says it is studying the reasons for removal put forth by Apple.


The statement from the company further added that it remains committed to "continued development of Clueful and will resubmit to Apple" once it's worked out what it needs to change.

From its study of more than 60,000 popular iOS apps, Clueful found 42.5 per cent were not encrypting users' personal data, even when sending it over public Wi-Fi.

Clueful's data also revealed that 41.4 per cent of the analysed apps can track a user's location

"While most app developers use this information for legitimate purposes, others might not," said Catalin Cosoi, Bitdefender's chief security researcher.

"Clueful was the best way for iPhone owners to know the difference. While Clueful remains off the App Store, we are working hard toward understanding why our app was removed and to develop the app to improve its chances of staying there."

Via The Register