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Seagate unveils game drive for Xbox Halo: Master Chief Limited Edition

Game Drive for Xbox Halo
(Image credit: Seagate)

Seagate has announced a limited edition Game Drive to celebrate the legendary Master Chief from the Halo video game franchise. The limited-edition Game Drive features one-of-a-kind case design to commemorate Master Chief John-117 and a collectible vinyl die-cut sticker for fans. 

You’ll be able to buy the Game Drive for Xbox Halo: Master Chief Limited Edition starting this week - the drive will be available in limited quantities. The 2TB variant is priced at AED339 and if you’re looking for more storage there will be a 5TB variant that will cost AED 559.

This limited Game Drive is compatible with the entire Xbox One range of consoles as well as the next-gen Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. It’s an easy and stylish way to boost storage capacity for your consoles if you’re planning to hoard digital games.

Installing the Game Drive is a quick and simple process, according to Seagate, who claim that the drive is installed in under two minutes through Xbox OS. It’s also powered by USB 3.2 Gen 1 and plugs into the external USB ports on the Xbox consoles, so you won’t need a separate power cord. 

The limited-edition Game Drive stores more than 50 downloaded games including legacy and next-gen games allowing you to take your game collection anywhere. No word on reading speeds yet, but stay tuned for more information.

Ammara Rounaq is the Social Media manager at TechRadar Middle East.