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Samsung's 8K QLED TV comes to the UAE

Samsung announced that its 8K QLED TV series, the Samsung Q900, is now available in the UAE. Samsung first unveiled its 8K series at IFA 2018, but left us in the dark on its release date and price. 

We now have that for two screen sizes- the 75-inch with the model QA75Q900RBKXZN is for AED 24,999 while the 82-inch with the model QA82Q900RBKXZN will be retailing for AED 31,999.

If you think that's a lot of money, well, there is a 98-inch version for which we haven't gotten the prices just yet but it would probably cost as much as a small car. Thankfully, there is a 65-inch model as well which we're hoping is a bit more affordable.

Samsung Q900 8K QLED TV

Features for Samsung 8K TVs

The Samsung Q950R offers an astonishing picture. The highlight is of course native 8K content, and during the demo showcase we saw the screen at, we were blown away by the quality of its color reproduction, brightness and motion processing. 

Using Samsung’s QLED technology, it’s pushing insane brightness levels of up to 4000nits, with a Direct Full Array backlight letting refined brightness and contrast management bring real depth to a scene. 

This year’s model also introduces a new “Ultra Wide Angle” feature that aims to prevent color and contrast drop off if you’re viewing the set at a tighter angle.  However, where the screen definitely shines is in its upscaling using Samsung's Quantum Processor that helps the TV upscale content from any resolution.

There's also Bixby and Samsung SmartThings integration along with Ambient Mode and remote connectivity to your computer. 

There's no doubt the Samsung 900 series is expensive, but being on the bleeding edge of technology – especially display technology – isn't cheap.