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Samsung promises transparency on Note 7’s flammable failings

Samsung still isn’t sure why the Galaxy Note 7 was so prone to overheating, but the company has pledged that when it finds out, it'll share the answer.

In an open letter to its “valued customers”, YH Eom, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics Europe, has stated that Samsung is “fully committed to identifying and addressing the source of the Note 7’s battery issues”.

The company is working with independent experts to “carefully revisit every aspect of the device, including the battery, hardware and software, and manufacturing processes.”

He goes on to say that “once available, we will transparently share our findings,” giving hope that we might finally soon know what caused the downfall of one of the most promising phones of the year.

Making amends

The rest of the letter is focused on apologising, and follows a series of full-page adverts Samsung took out to apologise in major US newspapers.

Clearly the company is trying to make amends, but the real make or break moment could come with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8. It needs to impress, and, crucially, needs to remain fire-free.

James Rogerson
James is a freelance phones, tablets and wearables writer and sub-editor at TechRadar. He has a love for everything ‘smart’, from watches to lights, and can often be found arguing with AI assistants or drowning in the latest apps.