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Samsung MENA Forum 2018

Samsung held it's Samsung MENA Forum 2018 in Rome today. The forum is an annual gathering of Samsung partners from the Middle East and North Africa region, along with selected members of the press, to showcase the complete portfolio of Samsung Electronics products.

While no new products are announced at the event, as it is very region-centric, you do get to see all the latest products from Samsung that have been released to the market or ones that have been announced and are releasing soon. 

Since the entire line of Samsung Electronics products are covered, you get to see everything from the latest refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioner as well as televisions, audio and mobile devices.

Everything is Smart

The big theme this year was the integration amongst all products through Samsung's Smart Things platform. While SmartThings has been available in different parts of the world, it is finally coming to the Middle East this year. According to Samsung, 90% of it's new products already support SmartThings and by 2020, this will go up to 100%.

While there weren't any new products announced, Samsung did showcase a couple of products that have yet to be released such as the brilliant new 85-inch 8K QLED TV that was revealed at CES earlier this year. 

The following gallery shows the new products that we got to see at the Samsung MENA forum 2018.

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Samsung Q9S 8K QLED TV

The 85-inch Samsung 8K TV was the highlight of the show with a brilliant picture quality and upscaling of content.

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Just one Invisible Cable

Samsung TVs will now only require one fiber optic cable that will transmit power as well as all AV.

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32-inch Frame

Samsung added a 32-inch size to its Frame line-up that can display art when not being used.

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Wireless Steam Gaming

New Samsung TVs will have Steam support which will allow you to wireless cast your games from your PC and play them on a big screen.

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Samsung C49HG90 Gaming Monitor

Samsung's unique 49-inch gaming monitor CHG90 has an aspect ratio of 32:9 and supports 144Hz and 4K resolution of 3840 x 1080 pixels.

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Samsung CJ791 Monitor

Samsung's curved 34-inch monitor supports power as well as AV over one Thunderbolt 3 connection meaning you can charge your laptop as well as connect it to this monitor with just one cable.

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Samsung Flip

Samsung's white board flip connects to devices and cloud services to collaborate with ease and really wants to make your office paperless.

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Samsung HW-NW700 Sound bar

Samsung's 3.0 channel sound bar with built-in subwoofer supports Alexa and SmartThings.

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Wireless Audio

New Wireless audio range with a simple round control knob.

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Star Wars Vacuum Cleaners

Now who wouldn't love a Darth Vader themed vacuum cleaner sucking the dirt out of your home.

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Wind Free Air Conditioner

Samsung's new Wind Free AC's have cooled air coming out of holes in the chassis without the need for the blower when certain temperatures are reached.

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Virtual Flame

With ceramics, it's sometimes hard to tell whether the counter-top is one or not. Virtual flames give you a quick indication of that.

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Hot Blast Microwaves

Samsung's Microwaves through heat from the top and fans on the sides help cook your food faster and with a better overall texture.

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Smart Refrigerator

The massive touchscreen on Samsung's smart refrigerators can show you what's inside, display pictures and notes and alert you when things are going to go bad.