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Samsung knows what caused the Galaxy Note 7 fires – but won’t tell anyone

The mystery of the explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might finally have been solved.

More than two months after Samsung completely discontinued and recalled the handset, it’s reportedly completed its investigation into what caused the phone to overheat and – in some cases – catch fire.

But the company seemingly isn’t ready to share the explanation with the world, as according to The Investor it’s so far only reported its findings to laboratories, such as the Korea Testing Laboratory and UL (a US safety organization).

While Samsung apparently isn’t ready to go public with its conclusion quite yet, it probably will soon if the investigation really is complete, as it previously promised to transparently share its findings.

The truth is out there

In sending its findings to independent labs, Samsung is likely seeking agreement and satisfaction with its conclusions into the incident. Once it has that information the brand should (we hope) share it with the world – perhaps even within the next few weeks.

Once it does, we all might finally be able to close the book on what must go down as the biggest disaster in smartphone history.

But if the Samsung Galaxy S8 is even half the phone it’s rumored to be then by early 2017 the Note 7’s flammable faults could be a distant memory.

James Rogerson
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