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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip sold out in the UAE- Again

Samsung released its second foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip alongside the Samsung Galaxy S20 series on February 11. While the S20 series will release early March, pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Flip were live on the Feb 12 and 13 and the unit was on store shelves February 14th. Within a day, all of those units are now completely sold out.

If you didn't manage to get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, you'll now have to wait a bit longer. TechRadar was monitoring local online retailers and while there was availability available till today morning, it now appears that all allocated units have been bought and the next batch lands on February 18.

Update: The second batch of phones is now sold out as well. Samsung is expecting additional stock by the 26th of February and we would highly recommend getting them right away- the Flip is proving to be quite the popular device.

Samsung has confirmed by issuing a press release that the Galaxy Z Fold is all sold out once again- though there is no mention on the number of units that were made available. You can check our hands-on video with the Galaxy Z Flip.

Galaxy Z Flip comes with 256 GB internal storage for AED 5,499.00 in two colors Mirror Black and Mirror Purple. You can head to Samsung's website and sign up to be notified on when the Galaxy Z Flip is back in stock on February 18.