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Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Oreo update gets delayed at the last minute

Android Oreo on your Samsung Galaxy S8 seemed mouth-wateringly close, but it's recently been delayed due to an unexpected bug that caused some phones with the software to mysteriously reboot.

The issue, which wasn’t discovered during the company’s extensive beta period for Oreo, is said to target both the S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, though the company stated that it only discovered “a limited number of cases” of phones affected, according to a statement received by SamMobile.

This anticipated software release actually happened in some regions, like India, as well as some countries in the Middle East and Europe. 

Samsung has since pulled the update from appearing globally, though it’s reportedly working on a new update with an unspecified time for release.

Can't always get what you want

Extra waiting time isn’t something that anyone wants, but Galaxy S8 owners rather see a stable release for Samsung’s 2017 flagship than one that ruins the experience. 

However, given that Android Oreo was first shown off - on the Google Pixel 2 - in August 2017, it's taking a long time to get the software onto handsets... this delay by Samsung asks more questions of why companies struggle so much to roll out an Android upgrade.

Users will be hoping that the rollout for Android P is a little more smooth.

Via The Verge

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