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Ready the montage: This smart home sensor will 'coach' your home healthier

Netatmo, makers of smart thermostats and security cameras, has announced a smart indoor climate monitor, which it claims will allow you to ‘coach’ your home into being a healthier environment. 

The monitor works as a Wi-Fi connected smart sensor. It’s able to sense air quality, humidity, temperature and noise, although it doesn’t have any built in means to solve any problems that you might discover. It just notifies you of them.  

Instead you’ll have to buy further products such as dehumidifiers and air purifiers to address any issues that the Healthy Home Coach alerts you to.

HomeKit enabled

The sensor’s HomeKit compatibility should allow it to act as a helpful trigger for other HomeKit-enabled devices. 

Netatmo gives the example of having HomeKit automatically open a window when indoor air pollution gets too high, but equally Apple’s smart home infrastructure should allow you to turn on a smart air conditioner if the temperature in a room gets too high.

The Healthy Home Coach is available now in the UK for £99.99 (around $120, AU$160). We have contacted Netatmo to confirm international pricing and availability.

Jon Porter

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