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PS5 pre-orders may 'kick off' this week, according to tweet from UK retailer Game

(Image credit: Sony)

Following yesterday's Xbox Series X and Series S release date and price leaks, which were later confirmed in part by Microsoft, the rumor mill is churning with suggestions that Sony may also be close to revealing pricing and availability for its highly anticipated PS5 console. The latest fuel for that fire comes in the form of a now-deleted tweet from major UK retailer Game.

Before you whip your wallet out in preparation, however, we should note that there's reason to be at least a little skeptical about this one.

The tweet, which originated from the Twitter account of Game's Guildford store and was aimed at "those awaiting preorders", stated that "PS5 have scheduled an announcement tomorrow so things are about to kick off this week."

While the tweet was quickly removed, the good people at TheSixthAxis managed to take a screen grab before its deletion, which you can see below.

Game UK PS5 leak

(Image credit: TheSixthAxis)

Admittedly, it's unknown whether the Game store was working from inside information, or if it was simply going by a separate leak from yesterday – one that has since been officially debunked by Sony.

In response to that latter leak, which originated on 4Chan before making its way to Reddit, Sony confirmed that while it has planned a PlayStation VR showcase for this week, there will be "no PS5-related news".

Whether that's true remains to be seen, though with only a couple of months until the PS5's expected release, Sony will have to bite the bullet and reveal pricing and availability soon.

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