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Survey: Apple iPod raises digital awareness

Thanks to the music players like the iPod, consumers' digital music collections have been increasing

The rise in popularity of the Apple iPod raised awareness and usage of digital music in 2006, a new survey says.

The survey by JupiterResearch , shows that traditional methods of music delivery - radio and music videos - are still influencing most consumer music purchases but as more consumers use digital music players this is likely to change, especially among heavy music listeners.

"Music companies should market online broadly to heavy music listeners and spenders," JupiterKagan President David Schatsky said.

The survey also shows that consumers' digital music collections have been increasing over the past three years. However, only 18 per cent of adults with digital music collections have more than 1,000 tunes on their computers.

People use playlists more, and 25 per cent regularly rip music from CDs. David Card, the report's lead analyst and vice president at JupiterResearch said: "Over 60 per cent of portable music device users regularly rip music, while 58 per cent of iPod users and 44 per cent of users of other portable music devices use playlists."

Among online adults, 21 per cent maintained a digital music collection. For young adults, these figures are all doubled. Anna Lagerkvist